Sitecore iframe field type basics

A few days ago I implemented a custom field which should have 2 dropdowns which are depending on each other (here you can find the whole implementation, in this example I will just show you a simple text field).

So I checked all possible solutions and I decided to use the Iframe type for that. This is a default field provided by Sitecore. So in the source input on the template you need to provide the url for your iframe. In my case it will be a Controller:


To make this path work I need to map this route:

Let’s create our Controller and View:

As you can see in the View it contains 2 important JS references, they are doing the dirty job:

At the end the result is this:



After the base functions are created easy to use this because you have the whole control of your field (design, behaviour). I would suggest this solution if you need a complex field (like you have more fields depend on each other). So I already mentioned at the beginning you can find here a more complex field resolved by iframe:


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