Using translation API with Sitecore ASP .NET Core Rendering Host

Currently there is no client side API implementation done of the Sitecore dictionary translation API in the official Sitecore ASP .NET Core SDK, therefore I decided to implement a PoC. After googling a bit I found, Sitecore already provides an API endpoint to resolve dictionary items and it’s already implemented in the JSS clients. So based on this documentation I found the API endpoint on my local Sitecore CM instance, which is


The response of this endpoint is the following:

"lang": "en",
"app": "Discovering.Sitecore101",
"phrases": {
"label1": "label 1",
"label2": "label 2"
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Sitecore Publishing Web Hook – Sitecore Rendering Host output caching PoC update

Sitecore 10.1 released a few weeks ago and one of the new features is the Publishing Web Hook. The main reason why this is introduced is to able to easily update JAMstack apps on publish. Official step-by-step guide for Vercel deployment can be found on the official Sitecore JSS documentation site, here.

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Using Sitecore configuration API from Service Configurator

OR when you are facing with the following exception:

[LockRecursionException: A read lock may not be acquired with the write lock held in this mode.]
System.Threading.ReaderWriterLockSlim.TryEnterReadLockCore(TimeoutTracker timeout) +1347
System.Threading.ReaderWriterLockSlim.TryEnterReadLock(TimeoutTracker timeout) +44
Sitecore.DependencyInjection.ServiceLocator.get_ServiceProvider() +176
Sitecore.Configuration.<>c.<.cctor>b__360_0() +9
System.Lazy`1.CreateValue() +734
System.Lazy`1.LazyInitValue() +189
Sitecore.Configuration.Settings.GetSetting(String name) +48
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Discovering Sitecore ASP .NET Core SDK – Datasource Item Children Resolver


namespace Discovering.Sitecore10.Models
public class ChildrenBlockModel
[SitecoreComponentField(Name = "items")]
public IEnumerable<ItemLinkField<ContentBlockModel>> Children { get; set; }
public class ContentBlockModel
public TextField Title { get; set; }

Longer interpretation

I wanted to play around a bit with different Contents Resolvers. The default resolvers are the following under the /sitecore/system/Modules/Layout Service/Rendering Contents Resolvers item:

  • Context Item Children Resolver
  • Context Item Resolver
  • Datasource Item Children Resolver
  • Datasource Resolver
  • Folder Filter Resolver
  • Sitecore Forms Resolver
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Sitecore ASP .NET Core SDK output caching PoC

One of my first question about Sitecore ASP .NET Core SDK was that, is there any built in rendering side caching mechanism implemented already?

This is in consideration in the roadmap, we are looking at ways to expose publishing events to the rendering host to enable this.

Nick Wesselman

Meanwhile, I thought I implement something simple to achieve this. The basic idea is to open and endpoint in the ASP .NET Core rendering host which will “clear” the cache. This endpoint can be called by the Sitecore CM while publishing. This is not a production ready implementation but could be a good starting point for you. So let’s start with it!

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ASP.NET Core MVC – Start session extension modularized

I got a feature request that I should store something on session start. In the old ASP.NET Framework world it was easy because we had Globbal.asax.cs and its Session_Start event. The original answer to this question is here. But, as I prefer overengineering modular architecture and Sitecore Helix principles I wanted to make it extensible without touching this Foundation piece of code. As you probably know we have Startup.cs instead of Global.asax.cs and DistributedSessionStore. To extend the Create method of the DistributedSessionStore you can just simply inherit from its interface ISessionStore.

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