Sitecore 8.1 – Change scheduled task checking frequency

I couldn’t find any documentation on the internet about this so here is how you can change the frequency of checking the scheduled task.

As you can see here in the config file you can do it separately for “core” and “master” database. On dev machines always needed to change it from the default 10 minutes to lower, e.g. 1 minute.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
Purpose: This include file configures the processing subsystem of the Sitecore CEP.
You should disable this file in case the current server does not need to perform processing tasks, such as executing scheduled Sitecore tasks.
To disable the file, you can rename it so that it has a ".disabled" extension.
<configuration xmlns:patch="">
<!-- An agent that processes scheduled tasks embedded as items in the core database. -->
<agent type="Sitecore.Tasks.DatabaseAgent" method="Run" interval="00:01:00" name="Core_Database_Agent">
<param desc="database">core</param>
<param desc="schedule root">/sitecore/system/tasks/schedules</param>
<!-- An agent that processes scheduled tasks embedded as items in the master database. -->
<agent type="Sitecore.Tasks.DatabaseAgent" method="Run" interval="00:01:00" name="Master_Database_Agent">
<param desc="database">master</param>
<param desc="schedule root">/sitecore/system/tasks/schedules</param>

To do that you should change the “interval” attribute in Sitecore.Processing.config file on the “agent” nodes.

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